Friday, October 8, 2010

So What's It Like?

We just completed our 25th anniversary celebration at the Cintas Center where several thousand people came together for one big celebration.  Normally we have four celebrations over the course of a weekend.  The stage was huge and the PA system was loud, no drum shields, no inner ear monitors, just huge PA, huge band and huge drums!

The question asked the most was, what is it like to play in front of that many people?  So without even getting into that I thought I would write about my favorite part of the entire celebration.  In any organization there is conflict, some people think one thing should be done and others think something else should be done.  I told my father in law what I thought about our growth.

There is no normal reason for us to grow as an organization.  We give money away, in many cases we are reactive rather than proactive.  We dream huge, but plan like my daughter plans to clean her room!  Most of the time we kinda figure it out as we go along, and it is borderline chaos at all times.

But here is what I said.  God must look down on us at this church and see us through his eyes.  And those eyes see reckless abandon to reach the needy, unbridled passion for students and youth, a heart that breaks for the wounded and those in need of healing, and a heart for worship to communicate with Him.

That is why we grow!

We lose that, we lose everything.

So here is my inspiration moment!  During the Cintas Celebration tiny flash lights were handed out.  Dave asked, if you have come to know Jesus, and now have a relationship with him while being here at the Vineyard will you please turn on your light now.

I looked down my row and saw both my daughters with their lights on.  Dave then said...."This is why we exists as a church"

That, in my all that matters.

So my songwriting inspiration for this post is reckless abandon, passion, running straight into the wind, may give us a desire to fly...but God creates the lift to fly!

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