Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Spiritual Lessons Of Guitar Building Lesson I

I have a good friend that is building a guitar for me.  After being brought to tear on more than one occasion, I've decided to begin to write down some thoughts that have inspired me to write again.  So many little God stories in the building of this guitar.  It's no wonder Jesus was a carpenter.

I guess the process of how this got started is should be the first post.  When I moved back from Dallas I discovered that Cincinnati was one of the allergy capitals of the world.  I immediately began staying sick.  So I sought an ENT.  Enter, Dr. Ric DeVore.  After a few visits and an allergy test that revealed I'm allergic to everything except a sycamore tree, surgery was required.  My voice dramatically improved as did my breathing.  

Fast forward 6 years of so.  I'm at a Cincinnati Cyclones game and I get hugged by this guy before I get a chance to see who it is.  After I catch my breathe, I realize it's DeVore.  Hadn't seen him in years but I considered him a friend and knew he played drums.

He went one way in the arena and I went the other way.  When my wife and I took our seats we turn around and there is Dr. DeVore and his family.  I took that as the little sign from God.  I turned around and asked if he wanted to play drums for me in the June.  As it turns out I didn't know he and his family were in the middle to looking for a church to call home.

Then there is my friend Jeff Fortenbery, the guitar builder.  I guess one day he needed an ENT and ended up in the DeVore Office.  They started talking and realized they were both into rare woods that they had collected for both building.  One built furniture and fly rods and the other built guitars.

Fast forward some more and I end up with a rather expensive piece of wood donated from one of them to the other to build a guitar for me.  There is so much more to this story.  But for now, I'm reminding myself that chance encounters are never chance.  That God breathes on all the encounters in the life of believers.  That the people we meet during everyday life are woven into our lives to show Christ.  I've heard of my friends on interviews that ended up sharing Christ to their potential boss or a chance encounter at a Kroger or a gas station that set people on a path to hear for God that day.

You just never know!

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